Weight Reduction Programme



Read carefully several times.

It might save your money for the voucher that could be wasted

if you are not ready to take responsibility for

your Weight Reduction Programme.

If you have obtained a discounted voucher for Weight Management, you can expect to see me twice.

First, you come to pick up my free CD “Healthier, Slimmer & Fitter”. (Weight management programme with Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist). You are supposed to listen to it for two weeks before you come to your 1.5 hour session.

You have visited my website and read about the benefits you get listening to the CD every night (visit webpage Hypnosis Store, where you can listen to the sample for two minutes). The CD helps you to start changing your eating habits. When you come to have a hypnotherapy session, you roughly know how much or how little you are committed to follow Weight reduction Programme. If you have consistently listened to the CD, you are bound to have more benefits and more success from the session. If you have listened to it only once or twice, it means that you have emotional blockages that prevent your intention to be healthier, slimmer and fitter. You may decide to use the voucher in order to work out these blockages first. (see my Free Ebook “Why do I worry?”).

The first time you see me for 10 minutes at our introductory meeting, I ask you to answer these questions:

  1. What is so valuable and important about reducing your weight that you are willing to eat and exercise properly and consistently for as long as it takes to obtain the results you desire?
  2. What experience do you associate to feeling healthier, fitter and slimmer?
  3. How many calories are there in one kilogram of fat and how much do you need to exercise to burn it?
  4. How much time are you ready to spend for your self care every day?

I ask you to bring your calculations about your weight reduction to the session.

Please, calculate how much extra weight you want to burn and how long it will take to achieve your realistic attainable goal, size and shape. (It took me 28 weeks of daily exercise in the gym, very wise selection of healthy food, drinking 2 litres of water a day and practicing breathing to get rid of 7 kg.) To burn 0.5 kgs every week is a realistic goal.

 1.5 Hour of Hypnotherapy session is spent in the following way:

During hypnotherapy session, I explain for 5 minutes how hypnotherapy, NLP and cognitive behavioral therapy changes your eating habits in several weeks and for ever, if you follow the Nine Golden Rules that I give you in written form.

(You can also read them on my Webpage Weight Reduction Programme).

Then I give you “My eating patterns” test. Filling in the test for 5 minutes and discussing the results for 25 minutes helps you realise what makes you overeat.

Using Cognitive Therapy, I help you to understand some distortions in thinking. Emotional needs that are not met compel you to overeat as a substitute to feel safe, loveable, protected, relaxed, and content. Behavioral therapy is the therapy to change some behavior patterns learning new techniques and tools.

You make your own plan: Behavior Assessment Plan – 5 minutes.

Then we discuss the Nine Golden Rules and your readiness to follow them to change your eating habits – 10 minutes.

I also teach you diaphragmatic breathing. This breathing technique can be used elsewhere: to curb your impulse to buy soft drinks or cakes, or to have an extra glass of wine, or to light a cigarette, etc. (Read more about breathing and about hormones in my Ebook “Why do I worry? The Anxiety Manual”).

Hypnotic Trance

Hypnosis makes it easier! I mean to say new desirable habits of eating, and drinking water and exercising are learned with hypnosis much easier and more effectively when you have a hypnotic trance that lasts 40 minutes and includes progressive muscle relaxation, positive visualizations, motivation and inspirational suggestions.

The purpose of Home Assignment

For the last 5 minutes I explain your home task which includes following Nine Golden Rules and a specific affirmation we elaborate together and you have to use it as a self suggestion ten times a day to start reframing you mind and forming new creative and positive attitudes towards food. Hypnosis is based on imagination and repetition. While repeating 10 times the Ritual, you are retraining your mind every day.

Your home assignment presupposes that you increase your self care time to one hour. You need 20 minutes to listen to the CD every day and thirty minutes to exercise which includes abdominal exercises at least for 2 minutes a day. You need to register your amount of food, water intake, exercising time and your success and self reward every day. With this purpose in view you are recommended to start your journal or you may buy my Weight Reduction Work Book on line.

Hypnosis is not a magic wand.

You create the results retraining your mind.

Most people who buy a voucher want to reduce their weight by 10 – 15 kgs. Some want 25 – 30 kgs. If you burn 0.5 kg of extra weight every week, you may know how many weeks you need. Are you able to religiously follow Nine Golden Rules without any support and any accountability? Very few people can.

A One off session with all the recommendations and techniques is forgotten in a couple of weeks. In order to form new eating habits, you need at least three months. It has been clinically researched that new neural pathways are established after three months. Hypnosis is based on imagination and repetition. You imagine yourself the size and shape you desire and you repeat these positive visualizations every day.

You need 3 months to form new neuronal connections and to establish new confident eating habits (eating slowly and consciously). Hypnotherapy is a rapid intervention, but it is not a magic wand.

When I give you Consent to Hypnotherapy Form to be signed, I emphasize so that I am responsible for motivation and the choice of the most appropriate strategies for you. You are responsible for the results you create. Are you feeling responsible for following the Nine Golden Rules?

Many people buy a voucher because they expect me to take responsibility to reduce their weight. It is your programme. I feel excited when my clients use the programme and get results.

It would be unethical of me to promise a loss of 10kg after one session. I offer a programme of five sessions with 30% discount. I discuss with you the purpose of each session.

The therapeutic relationship is an important factor of success. You get inspiring results if you trust me and believe in your success. The results are not only a number of kilograms, but feeling more confident and content, and also being motivated to avoid obesity related illnesses like respiratory issues, digestive conditions, arthritis, etc.


Positive regards from Tatiana

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Anxiety Specialist

MA in Education


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