Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy programme has been subjected to trials and has shown to be successful for 95% of participants. I was trained for this specific programme in Sydney in 2012 by Sheila Granger who pioneered it in the UK. (

How does hypnosis work for your benefit?

Hypnosis alters the signals from your stomach to your brain, so that you feel full much quicker. 4 sessions of Weight Loss hypnotherapy are designed to retrain your mind. Hypnosis makes you feel the band is placed over the stomach to make it feel smaller and stop eating when you feel full. You will find eating smaller meals and still be satisfied because of the “fitting” of the band. Before this work is done, we need to deal with some stress that prevents you from downsizing. The word “stress” may cover some limiting beliefs like “I am not good enough”, “I don’t believe in myself”, “I dislike my body”, and similar. We need to clear these obstacles.

As a hypnotherapy and NLP practitioner, I am responsible:

• To tailor your programme to your taste, metabolism and health conditions.
• To use the best strategies to help you get rid of limiting beliefs and stress that may sabotage your weight goals.
• To encourage you to cultivate new eating and drinking habits.
• To encourage your mind and body to work together so that you enjoy new activities and abundance of well-being.

When the band is “fitted” on the stomach to make it feel smaller, you commit yourself to listening to supporting recording on a daily basis. Positive visualisations and inspirational suggestions of this CD reinforce the work that has been done.

On my part, I am committed to introduce a lot of fun and rewards into the process.




Jenny Crozier, 69, retired
Dallington, Christchurch

Waistline was reduced from 91cm to 84cm in five weeks.

Because of after shock stress (earthquake 22nd February, 2011), I gained 6kg which I was willing to get rid of with Virtual gastric Band 4 Sessions Programme. I started BGB in January 2013, my weight was 81.1 and waist size 91cm. Straight after the first “surgery” session , I started eating less, but often, (4 times a day). Tatiana gave me a number of self help strategies and tools. One of them was “The Ritual”: a glass of water, a deep breath, my self suggestion: “Every day I am feeling healthier, fitter

and slimmer”. I promised to repeat the Ritual 10 times a day, which I did!

My eating habits started changing: I started eating more slowly, concentrating on what I am eating.

I started exercising: I bought a Swiss ball and exercycle on Trademe for $70. I exercised 30 minutes every day and Tatiana taught me the skills of self-hypnosis which I do regularly.

I still listen to her Support recording “Virtual gastric Band”.

I am writing this on 28th March 2013, in anticipation of going to Australia for my grand daughter’s 21st birthday, wearing a new outfit size 12! (It was 16 when I started). I am still burning 1 pound of fat a week and my eating habits are healthy!

My health is my priority

Look at my photograph in my work book which I was keeping for 5 weeks.

Katherine Ward,
Primary Teacher, Rangiora

I came with the belief that hypnotherapy would work for me. I made sure that I did the Ritual each time I drank water. I began to make better choices with food. I began to take smaller helpings and did not feel deprived by not having 3 chocolate bars each day after work! I replaced my morning tea – biscuits with fruit which I enjoyed very much. I bought an exercycle, but was not “very friendly” with it! This is now my next step to regularly use it while watching a favourite T.V. programme.

I am keeping on with the Workbook and remarking on how proud I am of myself for making better food choices and walking and giving more time to my self care eg. putting on perfume, using Lush products, having a massage, putting on nail polish.

My action plan for the next 2 months (May, June 2013) is to increase my exercise, and make better use of my exercycle over the cooler months and burn another 3kg of fat. I am one size less after 4 sessions.

New eating habits and motivation to exercise are the greatest benefits of Virtual Gastric band program and that’s for life.

When you choose this programme, email me to to order the information pack which contains a questionnaire that you need to complete and bring to your first session. This will help me to personalise your session.

Virtual Gastric Band Program of 5 sessions costs $595.

A sad fact: About one million New Zealand adults are clinically obese. It ws included in the Ministry of Health New Zealand Survey 2011 – 2012 (The Press, Saturday, 12 January, Page A19)


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