Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Waistline was reduced from 91cm to 84cm in five weeks.

Because of after shock stress (earthquake 22nd February, 2011), I gained 6kg which I was willing to get rid of with Virtual gastric Band 4 Sessions Programme. I started BGB in January 2013, my weight was 81.1 and waist size 91cm. Straight after the first “surgery” session , I started eating less, but often, (4 times a day). Tatiana gave me a number of self help strategies and tools. One of them was “The Ritual”: a glass of water, a deep breath, my self suggestion: “Every day I am feeling healthier, fitter

and slimmer”. I promised to repeat the Ritual 10 times a day, which I did!

My eating habits started changing: I started eating more slowly, concentrating on what I am eating.

I started exercising: I bought a Swiss ball and exercycle on Trademe for $70. I exercised 30 minutes every day and Tatiana taught me the skills of self-hypnosis which I do regularly.

I still listen to her Support recording “Virtual gastric Band”.

I am writing this on 28th March 2013, in anticipation of going to Australia for my grand daughter’s 21st birthday, wearing a new outfit size 12! (It was 16 when I started). I am still burning 1 pound of fat a week and my eating habits are healthy!
– Jenny Crozier, 69, retired Dallington, Christchurch

 Changing my eating habits

I came with the belief that hypnotherapy would work for me. I made sure that I did the Ritual each time I drank water. I began to make better choices with food. I began to take smaller helpings and did not feel deprived by not having 3 chocolate bars each day after work! I replaced my morning tea – biscuits with fruit which I enjoyed very much. I bought an exercycle, but was not “very friendly” with it! This is now my next step to regularly use it while watching a favourite T.V. programme.

I am keeping on with the Workbook and remarking on how proud I am of myself for making better food choices and walking and giving more time to my self care eg. putting on perfume, using Lush products, having a massage, putting on nail polish.

My action plan for the next 2 months (May, June 2013) is to increase my exercise, and make better use of my exercycle over the cooler months and burn another 3kg of fat. I am one size less after 4 sessions.

New eating habits and motivation to exercise are the greatest benefits of Virtual Gastric band program and that’s for life.
– Katherine Ward,Primary Teacher, Rangiora

 April 2014

“I have tried my diets and they worked for some time, but then my extra weight was returning. This year, 2014, I came across Virtual Gastric Band. I like the fact that I can eat what I like, but reduce my portions – feeling better. I stopped eating with “emotional hunger”.

Now, I am selecting healthy foods, drink two litres of water and herbal teas and use the skills of relaxation I learnt at Opti-Health Clinic. Weight is slowly coming off.
– Ceri, 44 y.o.


Confidence Building

Photo of Charmaine

Dear Tatiana

Thank you for helping me give myself permission to make the changes in my life I needed to be more content as a loving mother and partner. And also for helping me to work towards reaching my full potential as an artist and songwriter.

Yours Sincerely
– Charmaine B. 36 y.o.

Sleep help and grief relief

“I came to Opti-Health Clinic seeking help to relieve my grief and to sleep better. After three sessions I felt empowered”.
– Lisa, 45 y.o.

Relationship improving

“I had four sessions with Tatiana regarding the relationship with my husband. I admit, besides moral losses, I have also saved a lot of money rescuing my relationship from separation”.
– Donna, 54 y.o.

PMS pain relief

“After two treatments with Tatiana, I noticed an immediate change with my PMS. Her therapies relieved my pain and I felt much more positive and self-accepting”.
– Trish, 42 y. o.

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