Sleep Disturbances

The reason why you have disturbed and interrupted sleep lies in the subconscious. Excessive stress or anxiety or mild depression aggravate the problem. Poor sleep deepens the depression, etc. Do you believe it is possible to break the vicious cycle? Yes! You achieve this by combining several hypnotherapy sessions with practicing self-hypnosis. Before I explain why hypnotherapy is effective for poor sleep, I would like to give some facts and recommendations researched by sleep specialists.


In the pre-industrial world, people slept ten hours a night. Everything changed when Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb. Our biological clock is now out of balance. About 50% of people living in English speaking countries are sleep-deprived. Parents with new babies lack 400 – 700 hours of sleep. Sleep depravations is very debilitating. You feel tired, irritable and touchy. A number if illnesses and ailments can develop because of sleep deprivation: heart and colon problems, migraines, high blood pressure, skin problems. You may choose to make some improvements in your bedroom in order to increase your restorative sleep.

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