Self-Hypnosis Training

Self-Hypnosis Training

Learning self-hypnosis


I invite you to ask yourself a question :
How important is it for me to feel free from stress or depression and be content with myself every day ?
If you decide that this is really important for you, I will explain to you how to get from A to CCC.
A is the place where you feel pain or stress, or discontent, or anger and irritation.
CCC is the place where you successfully practice coping skills to enjoy CALM, CONFIDENCE and CONTENTMENT.
CCC is the place where establish harmonious relationship with yourself and other people.

Where are you now?

If  you are stumbling in a dark room hurting yourself, switch the light with self hypnosis and the Life coaching skills.

The reasons why you are interested in learning self-hypnosis may be numerous: desire to enhance your relationship, to increase your confidence and self esteem, to be free from fatigue, anxiety and depression, to change eating or sleeping habits, to manage your pain, etc

Every last Sunday of the month we organise workshops on the topics:

Weight reduction

Sleep well every night

Increasing confidence and self-esteem

Managing stress and anxiety

Self hypnosis is the most powerful tool to focus on your strengths, feel 10 times better, and achieve your goals.

Clinical research has proved it effective for weight reduction if you practice it every day.

During 2.5 hour workshop, you will learn practical techniques to develop healthy eating habits.

If asked “What is a Hypnotherapist?” I would answer: “A well trained person teaching you the skills to secrete serotonin, melatonin, and endorphins in order to feel content”.

You will learn the skill to create inspirational and motivational visualizations and self suggestions that can minimize your self criticism and greatly expand your psychological freedom.

You will receive a 20% discount if you book before 7th May. Tell your friends about this remarkable opportunity (The number of places is limited).

When you book, I will email you: “Self hypnosis Guide for Weight Reduction”.

Every hypnosis, to a great extent, is self-hypnosis. It is a natural state of relaxed body and peace of mind that you have before you fall asleep and before you are completely awake in the morning.




Imagine you are travelling to your relaxing place. You are carrying a very heavy backpack, you feel exhausted and drained out. You put the bag on the ground and take a big weight out of it. This weight is your anxiety , fears and stress. Now you  feel much lighter and your journey is sure to be fulfilling and rewardable



Relaxation is the key to successful self-hypnosis, self-growth and empowerment. People are happy to learn and employ this skill.

Yes, self-hypnosis gives you an immense feeling of freedom. I feel it’s my duty to teach my clients self-hypnosis as the most powerful self-help tool which they can easily employ to feel free from unproductive patterns of behavior or addictions.

With this purpose in view, I recorded my instructions regarding how to induce your hypnotic trance. The CD is called “Self Hypnosis training. Feeling good and focus on your strengths”.


Your self-hypnosis script must contain positive visualizations and self suggestions that resonate with your individuality and the reasons you are doing self-hypnosis. The self suggestions are different when you want to be free from excessive anxiety, or release your anger or when you want to enhance your relationship. We will discuss with you the most beneficial suggestions before you write and record your self-hypnosis CD.

We are all on the journey. We’ll discuss the most rapid way to get to your desirable destination: Calmness, Confidence, and Contentment.

(When you choose your programme, email me to to order the information pack which contains a questionnaire that you need to complete and bring to your first session. This will help me to personalise your session.)

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