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Audio samples of self-hypnoisis CDs

Why are these CDs so effective?

  Because regular listening to any of these recordings for 10-12 weeks gives you FREEDOM from undesirable habits.

  • The self-hypnosis CDs contain therapeutic visualizations and positive present and progressive suggestions which meet expectations of people seeking self help tools to diminish depression, to alleviate pain or to have healthy relationships.
  • While listening to a CD, you are doing self-hypnosis which operates very closely with autonomic nervous system which controls among other things, many blood chemistry processes. Mood enhancing hormones will be released and new neuronal connections will be formed to allow desirable changes to happen if you practice self-hypnosis for 5 – 7 weeks. Hypnosis is, largely, self-hypnosis.
  • The contents of each CD is a product of Tatiana’s experience as a lecturer, neuro-linguistic practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Anxiety specialist.

The self-hypnosis CDs have been recorded by “Nightshift” professional recording studio in Christchurch. The background melodic music increases self-hypnosis benefits

Only for New Zealand Women: Ten Conversations with a Hypnotherapist

This book is for you if you want:

  • To improve your eating and sleeping habits
  • To gain confidence
  • To learn self-hypnosis to feel relaxed and content
  • To have a healthy relationship with yourself and your partner

This comprehensive book is a toolkit of self-hypnosis scripts and NLP exercises you may use to gain control over your body needs. The CD is designed to activate your inner resources and forge new neural pathways in your brain.



Focusing on Your Strengths and Feeling Good 

This CD is a teaching aid designed to give you a clear format of a self-hypnosis session.With this CD, you get the benefit of learning skills as to how to structure your self-trance and compose your own short scripts of positive images/visualizations and suggestions. This CD contains the examples of the abovementioned elements.Please listen to it in a quiet room with no interruptions from electronic devices as the CD also provides you with the example of progressive relaxation.This CD lasts about 20 minutes.


Self-Hypnosis For Healing Specific Areas in Your Body

This CD contains examples of self suggestions to heal body systems or specific areas in your body: cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, endocrine glands and immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, kidneys and bladder, reproductive system, and skin.Listening to this CD, you need to use your self-hypnosis skills to, and to get rid of fears and some emotional blocks. As soon as you disassociate yourself from negative experiences and associate yourself with positive images and feelings, you may feel discomfort and pain diminish or disappear.This CD lasts 23 minutes.


Smile in the Face of your Depression

he real power of this CD is to teach you how to build up positive projections into the future. You will also learn how to enhance your abilities and to amplify your resources in managing mild depression or preventing it before the onset. Receiving hypnotherapy, you can obtain the skills and tools to change your negative images and feelings.While listening top this CD on a daily basis, you are practicing self hypnosis. You will feel content and be proud of your success when you learn to have largely positive thoughts, use only positive language speaking about yourself and act positively.This CD lasts about 27 minutes.


Relax and Build Coping Skills

Relaxation is an indispensable part of any hypnotherapy session and any hypnotherapy CD. When your body is relaxed, your mind is also relaxed. The purpose of any relaxation is to disassociate yourself from negative images and thoughts and associate yourself with positive ones.This CD contains a very effective therapeutic visualization of a rainbow accompanied with suggestions regarding positive qualities that every colour may bring to you. The suggestions are designed to increase your confidence to be able to face various challenging situations in life and retain emotional balance.The CD lasts 15 minutes.


Weight Loss without Diet

The real power of this CD is to help you to change your eating habits and attitude to food. Listening to this CD on a daily basis for about 10 – 15 weeks, you may get rid of some emotional blockages that prevent you from controlling your weight: self criticism, low self esteem, lack of confidence and motivation.Receiving Hypnotherapy, and life coaching sessions, and practicing self-hypnosis, you will learn new eating habits and a new life style. Weight loss and weight maintenance is a complicated process that requires assistance of a Hypnotherapist who is also a coach.My responsibility as a life coach and Hypnotherapist is to motivate you to eat slowly and enjoying every bit of food. My responsibility is to encourage your friendship with exercise and also some other changes in life style.This CD lasts 25 minutes.


Skills to define boundaries in relationships

This CD is effective for people who have a problem in saying “no” in parental, marital or work relationships. Very often it is a problem of people who suffer depression. But, it is your choice to establish self-defining parameters around your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.The real power of this CD is to encourage you to learn coping skills of self recognition and consequently to enjoy healthy and fulfilling relationships. Listening to this CD on a daily basis for about 7 weeks, you will learn to handle your relationships effectively and successfully and to feel good about yourself.This CD lasts about 20 minutes


What is in your control?

This CD is designed to give you skills to establish a healthy relationship with yourself as a unique, valuable and precious person, and also enhance your relationship with your partner.


The Wisdom of Menopause

This CD has been designed to enhance your body/mind connections and effectively manage some disruptive menopause symptoms. Listening to this CD on a daily basis, you will acquire the skills of personal empowerment emerging wiser, healthier and stronger than ever before.The real power of this CD is in its therapeutic visualisations and positive suggestions that you may choose to repeat several times a day mentally or aloud. Some of the suggestions were borrowed from the book of a featured American author Christiane Northrup, “The Wisdom of Menopause” (2001) and also from the course by Christchurch menstruality educator Jane Catherine Severn “The Alchemy of Menopause” (2009).This CD lasts 27 minutes.


Creating a Fertile Body

This CD has been especially created for women who have the desire to reproduce and become pregnant. This CD contains visualizations and suggestions addressing your reproductive system, but also nervous system and immune system which strongly affect the process of conception.


Sleep well every night

This CD creates a favourable context to help you to sleep well every night. The CD gives instructions about diaphragmatic breathing and guides you into deep relaxation. Restorative and uninterrupted sleeps depends on a number of other habits.The CD booklet contains instructions on how to create a favourable environment in your bedroom in order to enjoy a deep sense of inner calm and to sleep well every night.This CD lasts 20 minutes


Quit Smoking and Be Proud of Yourself

This CD has been specifically designed for you to help you to achieve your goal: quit smoking, feel healthy and to be proud of yourself.

The real power of this CD is in helping to acquire a new habit and be proud of being a non smoker. Research has proved Hypnotherapy to be a most effective natural therapy to get rid of some addictive habits like smoking and others. Hypnosis is based on imagination and repetition. Imagination (successful positive visualizations of being tobacco free) is stronger than will power. Repetition – listening daily to this recording for 7 – 9 weeks – forges new neuronal connections in your brain and eventually a new habit will be created. When you are listening to this recording, comfortably seated in a quiet room, you are doing self-hypnosis. You are creating your own results by using the affirmations/suggestions. You are having a wonderful relaxation which helps you to absorb deeper inspirational and motivational suggestions.   Your determination and expectations of success may greatly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Are you 100% ready to quit?


Confidence Building

This CD has been created for you to learn new confident patterns of feelings, thinking and acting, to successfully use these new habits and to be proud of them.To have the full benefit of this recording, it is advisable to listen to it every day for 5-9 weeks. Each time you listen to it, you activate your abilities to feel confident and to stop worrying about what is not important.Listening to this recording, you are effectively doing self-hypnosis. It operates closely with nervous system, which controls blood chemistry processes. As a result, mood enhancing hormones are secreted and you feel more confident, calm and content. You are feeling free from your worries. You are feeling insensitive to criticism and people who want to influence you. Wonderful feeling of freedom! You are on the journey to the destination: calmness, confidence and contentment.This CD lasts about 20 minutes.


Virtual Gastric Band: support recording

Virtual Gastric Band Support Recording is used in conjunction with Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy program.Now, when Virtual hospital operation has been successful, both your conscious and subconscious work together to help you become your healthiest, fittest, slimmest yourself. This CD contains positive projections regarding the band placed on your stomach to reduce its size. This CD lasts for 17 minutes.


Premenstrual Syndrome Alleviation



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