Relationship : Conflict resolution in marriage/ partnership

Code for success.

Yes, start with Hugging! Genuine hugging says without words: “I am here to support you”

What is your desire at the moment?

  • To start a new healthy relationship?
  • To end a destructive relationship?
  • To rescue your relationship/marriage from ending?

Hypnosis, NLP, life-coaching are effective in all these cases. I often meet in my clinic, people who are stuck in their relationship after 5-15 yrs living together and they want to enhance it.

Here is a recent example: “Marriage Saved”

“I arrived at Opti-Health Clinic feeling helpless, suffering from lack of sleep. My husband and I were on the point of separation because of some unresolved conflicts. We were deeply attached to each other and neither of us wanted a split. We felt stuck in the relationship. When Tatiana asked what changes I wanted to happen, my answer was very simple: “To feel good about myself”.

With 7 sessions in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, I achieved much more than that. First of all, I started sleeping much better straight after the first session. I changed my perspective of myself and focused on my abilities and talents. Self hypnosis and writing a journal helped me very much to raise my self esteem and confidence. We sorted out my temporary misunderstanding with my husband. I stopped trying to control what is beyond my control. I also made sense of the past.

I established boundaries with my boss who was asserting himself at my expense. That helped me to reconsider my abilities to look for another more lucrative job. I am pretty sure of finding a job sooner or later, with a better salary and a more respectful boss. I know I can positively contribute to any teamwork and I feel confident of having a job interview. I am proud of my strengths.

It is difficult to convert all the changes into money. Sure I saved many thousands being able to save the marriage. Legal fees, transportation and new furniture alone would have cost several thousands. The results of the sessions are very tangible. In fact, the results are invaluable in terms of my health, and the quality of life.”

If you feel hurt or stuck in your relationship and at the same time you value it and are committed to saving it, you may have success with integrative strategies (hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, inner child therapy, life coaching) which we practice in Opti-Health Clinic.

Two people can’t agree on everything, so it is natural to have a conflict from time to time. What destroys the relationship – is permanent tactics to resolve a conflict with anger and verbal violence. Research shows: if you avoid a conflict or on the contrary, dump your anger on your partner, you contaminate your further relationship. Why? Because you create negative reality by negative energies you put out.

Losers drain energy (by being angry and violent, you drain energy). Winners conserve energy. Learning how to handle your relationship and to be a successful winner is a process that might take at least 6 sessions. The first thing to start with is to explore how both of you are caught in Control Drama Triangle roles.


What else will contribute to a healthy relationship based on friendship?

  • Facing truth about your core beliefs.
  • Being specific about what you want to change in your relationship and committed to start right now.
  • Learning to conserve your energy for your emotional and physical health. (The skills of the diapraghmatic breathing, relaxation, self-hypnosis).
  • Exploring your childhood experiences that might have generated core beliefs: “I am not important”, “I am not worthy”, “I am not good enough”, “I do not deserve”.
  • Learning non-violent communication.
  • Knowing the emotional needs of your partner.
  • Using your physical, emotional, mental, educational, and ethical resources to restore friendship with your partner.

(When you choose this three-seesion program, email me to to order the information pack which contains a questionnaire that you need to complete and bring to your first session. This will help me to personalise your session.)

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