Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome, menstruation disorders, fertility and endometriosis are approached in Opti-Health Clinic from both angles: treating the mind and the body. Reflexology strengthens the immune/lymphatic system, detoxifies the body, balances hormones and brings total relaxation.
Hypnotherapy CDs – “Premenstrual Syndrome Alleviation”, “Relaxation. Stress & Anxiety Relief”, “Sleep Well Every Night”, “Creating Fertile Body”, “Self Hypnosis. Healing specific areas of the Body” (webpage Hypnosis store), – reinforce the benefits of reflexology, balance nervous hormonal system, encouraging the endocrine glands to secrete only “positive” hormones.

As a NZ Natural Therapies Practitioner, I practice two therapies: reflexology and hypnotherapy (read about my professional qualifications at Opti-Health Hypnotherapy webpage).

To learn more about my qualifications in reflexology go to the Southern Reflexology Group website.



Tatiana’s friendly and caring personality has made my reflexology experience positive and worthwhile. When I first visited Tatiana’s clinic, I was suffering with PMS discomfort. Within a week, I began to notice significant changes to my overall well-being. Between the reflexology sessions, Tatiana recommended that I listen to hypnotherapy CD “PMS Alleviation” to cope with discomfort. This strategy coupled with regular reflexology sessions has allowed me to accept myself in feminine nature.
Karen, aged 36, educator

I try to book sessions during PMS week as it reduces my anxiety and discomfort and help me to cope a lot better.
Shamaine, 30 years old, mother of two

I started reflexology with Tatiana 3 years ago in order to relieve PMS tension, and to cope better with sleeping disturbances. Tatiana taught me stress and anxiety self-help practical techniques, including self hypnosis. Now, I book reflexology once every three weeks to enjoy relaxation in her warm treatment room with aromatherapy and soothing music. I download her CD “Sleep well every night” and listened to it for two months until restoring my sleep back to normal. Reflexology brings about blissful relaxation and I would recommend it to everybody.
Lisa, 38 years old, sales manager


Tatiana’s professional philosophy:

Treat the mind to help the body.

Treat the body to help the mind.

I am a therapist who really cares and

I like to teach people self-hypnosis

to make them self-reliant.

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