Insomnia and Sleep Help

 How does Hypnosis work for insomnia and sleep problems?

Secretion of serotonin and melatonin makes you sleep well. Serotonin is a transmitter responsible for regulating moods. Melatonin is a hormone of darkness and sleep secreted by the pineal gland. If asked what I do as a Hypnotherapist I would answer: “I teach people the skill to secrete serotonin, melatonin, endorphins… How? I guide you into strategies that make you feel content and 10 times happier than before”

Picture of pineal gland. It secrets melatonin, which makes you sleep

10 Golden Rules of Sleep

  1. Do only three things in the bed: Sleep, make love and listen to the CD
  2. To establish new neural pathways in the brain and eventually create new healthy sleeping habits, you have to listen to the CD “Sleep well every night” on a daily basis for twelve weeks. You are likely to feel the results after 2-3 times, but you need to continue to listen. Your brain 12 weeks to create new neuronal connectionssleep-well
  3. Keep your bedroom dark at night. Remove all electronic devices: alarm clock, TV, computer, telephone.
  4. Make a rule to exercise 30 minutes a day but finish the exercise three hours before bedtime. Only walks are recommended before your bedtime.
  5. Laugh without any reason: laughter yoga. Laughter is the best anti-depressant.
  6. Cut out the alcohol and don’t drink coffee, coca-cola and other drinks containing caffeine after 2pm.
  7. Switch off TV at least one hour before going to bed.
  8. Have and comfortable bed that is not hot. Having a fresh air supply over-night is recommended.
  9. The most restorative sleep is the amount of sleep that you get before midnight. There were times when you had this habit. It was unlearned for some reason; you have to learn it again.
  10. Learn self-hypnosis – powerful tool to sleep well every night (we hold regular workshops on self-hypnosis training at Opti-Health clinic).

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