Exam Confidence

Exam Confidence


The techniques used during hypnotherapy sessions are designed to boost your brainpower. You need probably 3 – 4 sessions to improve your memory, creativity, clarity, and effectiveness while sitting exams.


The knowledge of the material is, of course, important. But the success of the exam depends up to 40% – 50% on resourceful state and implementation of an effective strategy. The same rule concerns public speaking or other occasions you have to demonstrate your mental capacities and great flexibility in thinking.


Stress is the number one enemy of learning. Hypnotherapy sessions will help you to cope with stress and remain calm in a challenging situation. You will learn the art of relaxation and the skills of creating successful imagery and positive suggestions.


We are all born as natural learners. Because of parental upbringing and the methods of schooling, we sometimes fail to learn new things. Lack of belief in our creativity and lack of knowledge of effective strategies, make us feel as failures. We give up too soon. Motivation for learning is a prerequisite to success. Rate your motivation on a scale from 1 to 10.


1 – The weakest, 10 – the strongest.


Where are you now?

If you are hardly in the middle, your therapist will help you to develop your motivation. My responsibility is to increase your motivation, to select the most appropriate strategies and monitor your accountability. Your responsibility is to   regularly practice new exercises and skills.


We all have creative abilities. You will learn to harness your creative force. You will learn self-hypnosis, some NLP and life coaching exercises:

  • to remove emotional blocks.
  • to be in a resourceful state.
  • to plan your studies and performance.
  • to model your excellence and boost your creativity.


Being free from stress, anxiety and fears is a wonderful feeling.

Freedom to control most challenging situations in your life is your freedom for ever.




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