Easy Way to Reduce or Stop Smoking

Easy way to Reduce or Stop Smoking

Yes, Hypnosis makes it easier. I ask my clients who have bought a voucher to see me twice. First, you come to pick up the CD “I am a non-smoker” (Quit smoking and be proud of yourself). You will complete “Confidential Client Health History Form” and I will also ask you to read the book by Allen Carr “The easy way to stop smoking” before you come for the session.

I expect you to listen to the CD for two weeks. Listening to the CD is like having a mini hypnotherapy session. New neural pathways start being created in your brain, but it takes twelve weeks to establish new habits. It is recommended to continue to listen after the session to reinforce the results.

Please, come to the session only after consistently listening for two weeks. This sustained effort will make clear how seriously you are committed to the idea of quitting. The other proof of your commitment is to throw away all paraphernalia related to smoking: wash the car, wash your clothes. The smell is provocative, and getting rid of the tobacco smell in your home is a step to success. Incidentally, I advise you to celebrate the day of the session with somebody who supports you in your endeavour. You have to be proud of your decision to stop smoking.

My hypnotherapy is client centered. I can take you only as far as you are ready to go. I am responsible to motivate you and to give you the best strategies. You are responsible for the results you create. It is your choice to reduce or to quit.

The universal statistics show that only 25% of people are ready to quit after the first session. All clients definitely reduce smoking but they might need more sessions. Why do many people need more than one session? There are some emotional blockages that provoke people to continue smoking. And your therapist needs to release them. “Parts Therapy” session and “Inner Child Therapy” sessions are used in this case. 65% stop after 4 – 5 sessions.

While reading Allan Carr’s book, please think of the answers.

  1. Why do I need it?
  2. Do I actually enjoy it?
  3. Do I need to go through life paying through the nose just to stick these things into my mouth and suffocate myself?
  4. If I could ho back to the time when I became hooked, with all the knowledge I have now, would I start again?
  5. Do you know that the nicotine is the fastest addicted drug, but it rapidly leaves the body, that’s why you need twenty a day?

  Check your reasons for Smoking

Please indicate how strongly you agree with each reason.

10 – very strong

1 – very weak

  1. To cope with nervousness and anxiety.
  2.  To cope with anger and frustration.
  3.  To cope with feelings of powerlessness.
  4.  Rebellion.
  5.  To establish independence.
  6.  As a social facilitator.
  7.  To give yourself an excuse to break, to relax.
  8.  To cope with loneliness.
  9.  To cope with boredom.
  10.  Fear not to able to survive some stress and depravation.
  11.  Any other reasons?

The number will help you to be aware how seriously you are ready to reduce or quit.

Please, copy my CD for your further use and return my original one at the first session.

You are welcome to call me on 386 1717 to ask questions.

Positive regards,


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