Depression Help

Depression Help

Yes, I have been there too. Twenty seven years ago I had incomprehensible pain , insomnia and intensive blackness. I was a single parent of a child and I had to earn my income. Depression is contagious. My collegues started avoiding me . I felt like a failure and I was spreading the feelings of desperate hopelessness.Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) first coined the metaphor  “Black Dog” for his depression.I was also struggling to befriend my “black dog”, It took me about three years. In those times I did not know about the benefits of hypnotherapy. Instinctively I was compelling myself to be physically active every day and to think positively.Now when I feel the onset of depressive moods, I conquer them with self-hypnosis and exercises.Can everyone expect such positive outcomes? I can reassure you : Yes it is possible!You may email me tatiana.blagova@gmail.comor call (03) 386 17 17 to discuss the possibility of our work together. Step by step I will take you through a series of techniques that will considerably diminish your depression. You will be able to assess your own results.Who has success? Those who attend to their issues with commitment and realism (Read testimonials below)

Hypnotherapy for depression help is action orientated, focused on here and now, and looking toward the future. My personal philosophy: to be competent, to be compassionate, and to be responsible for strategies selected for the client’s treatment plan. Each person is unique and family and social circumstances are unique. So the treatment plan is tailored to the personal needs and I am responsible to motivate the client to follow it.In Christchurch Opti-Health Clinic, I often meet people who have been on antidepressants for 5-10 years. Nobody has told them that they can help themselves. People who choose my sessions do not want to feel victims of depression (victimhood draws energy away). They want to learn Self Help Tools,be self sufficient and enjoy rewarding and fulfilling lives. But they are usually missing some very specific and vital skills, such as thinking positively and have a clear vision of the future.Experience of depression differs markedly from one individual to another, and I would rather speak about depressions in the plural. Quite often depressed people also suffer some sort of anxiety. Very often depression is caused by a high level of stressful work, or relationship issues. My responsibility as a Hypnotherapist and life coach is to select mood-enhancing perspectives, tools and exercises that will be particularly beneficial to every individual client.In our clinic, hypnotherapy is client centered. Still, there is one common thing that I teach all my clients suffering from depression because all of them are missing it. This is the ability to be joyful, to have fun, to smile and to laugh, enjoying simple things in life.The value of laughter was recognized as the most powerful therapeutic tool by an ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (385-322B.C.). My clients learn some exercises to smile, and to laugh more. In their testimonials, they indicate that laughing, singing and dancing ten minutes a day fuels them with energy and optimism.

How would I define depression?

Simply put, when people are depressed they project hurtful and distorted meanings and they make mistakes believing themselves. Depression is a cruel unforgiving and relentless foe. Depression has its weak points, I know from my personal experience that it is possible to break the patterns of depression and prevent its onset. But one needs coping skills.


As a fully qualified Hypnotherapist also trained in psychology, I combine hypnosis with cognitive and behavioral approaches. Cognitive approach – we work on errors of thinking. Behavioral approach – we look at the consequences of specific behavior. With hypnosis and life coaching, my clients learn to identify wrong projections, actively break hurtful patterns and establish new positive patterns.


As it is said in my video and hypnotherapy CD “Smile in the face of your depression”, while you are in deep relaxation state, your subconscious mind easily absorbs positive visualization and present positive and progressive suggestions. As a result, new neural pathways are being created and new habits of thinking, speaking and acting will be established after 5-7 weeks of daily practice for 20 minutes.


In Christchurch Opti-Health Clinic, we use emWave2 handheld unit to demonstrate to clients how slow and deep breathing can transform the physiological response to stressful situations and quickly re balance your mind, body and emotions.


My clients learn new breathing techniques and positive visualizations and they are amazed to see how more and more relaxed they feel. Relaxation is a prerequisite of creating new patterns of positive thinking and breaking the viscous circle of depression.


Breath mastery is energy mastery. Start breathing slowly and deeply even before you decide to go further seeking depression help. Breathe through your heart and ask yourself: “What will happen to my physical and emotional health, relationship, etc, if I choose to break the patterns of depression? What will happen in several years to my physical and emotional health, work, and relationships if I choose to stay a victim of depression”? Pause and reflect your answer.


(When you choose this programme, email me to to order the information pack which contains a questionnaire that you need to complete and bring to your first session. This will help me to personalise your session.)



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