Stress, Anxiety, Depression,

Weight Control, Relationship Coaching

are major specializations in

Christchurch Opti-Health Clinic.

There are many reasons why you may choose to have hypnotherapy sessions for your well-being, relationships, self-care and a more rewarding life.

We administer client-centered and solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions.

You will be comfortably relaxed in an armchair, receiving inspirational and motivational suggestions which will help you create new neuronal pathways and new productive habits in your brain. It will take 5-7 weeks to create desirable changes in your behavior patterns.

Research has proved that hypnotherapy is a powerful natural therapy to help you:

  • Lose and control your weight by changing eating habits and starting enjoying every mouthful of food.
  • Manage your stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Build confidence and improve your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Manage your additive habits: smoking, drinking etc.
  • Learn how to relax and to sleep better.
  • Alleviate pain associated with digestive system (IBS, etc).
  • Effectively reduce the symptoms of asthma, and other respiratory issues.


You will notice the improvements within four sessions or we will refund your money, Guaranteed!



Self-Hypnosis Training CD

Become your own Hypnotherapist. Learn how to relax and have a successful imagery by listening to Self-hypnosis CD’s that will help change your behaviour patterns. Learn to have a greater sense of freedom and self-sufficiency

self hypnosis training
Learning positve visualisations with self-hypnosis training Cd – “Focusing on Your Strengths and Feeling Good” – can help improve your self esteem and increase your confidence.




Relationship : Conflict resolution in marriage/ partnership

Code for success.

Yes, start with Hugging! Genuine hugging says without words: “I am here to support you”

What is your desire at the moment?

  • To start a new healthy relationship?
  • To end a destructive relationship?
  • To rescue your relationship/marriage from ending?

Hypnosis, NLP, life-coaching are effective in all these cases. I often meet in my clinic, people who are stuck in their relationship after 5-15 yrs living together and they want to enhance it.

Here is a recent example: “Marriage Saved”

“I arrived at Opti-Health Clinic feeling helpless, suffering from lack of sleep. My husband and I were on the point of separation because of some unresolved conflicts. We were deeply attached to each other and neither of us wanted a split. We felt stuck in the relationship. When Tatiana asked what changes I wanted to happen, my answer was very simple: “To feel good about myself”.

With 7 sessions in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, I achieved much more than that. First of all, I started sleeping much better straight after the first session. I changed my perspective of myself and focused on my abilities and talents. Self hypnosis and writing a journal helped me very much to raise my self esteem and confidence. We sorted out my temporary misunderstanding with my husband. I stopped trying to control what is beyond my control. I also made sense of the past.

I established boundaries with my boss who was asserting himself at my expense. That helped me to reconsider my abilities to look for another more lucrative job. I am pretty sure of finding a job sooner or later, with a better salary and a more respectful boss. I know I can positively contribute to any teamwork and I feel confident of having a job interview. I am proud of my strengths.

It is difficult to convert all the changes into money. Sure I saved many thousands being able to save the marriage. Legal fees, transportation and new furniture alone would have cost several thousands. The results of the sessions are very tangible. In fact, the results are invaluable in terms of my health, and the quality of life.”

If you feel hurt or stuck in your relationship and at the same time you value it and are committed to saving it, you may have success with integrative strategies (hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, inner child therapy, life coaching) which we practice in Opti-Health Clinic.

Two people can’t agree on everything, so it is natural to have a conflict from time to time. What destroys the relationship – is permanent tactics to resolve a conflict with anger and verbal violence. Research shows: if you avoid a conflict or on the contrary, dump your anger on your partner, you contaminate your further relationship. Why? Because you create negative reality by negative energies you put out.

Losers drain energy (by being angry and violent, you drain energy). Winners conserve energy. Learning how to handle your relationship and to be a successful winner is a process that might take at least 6 sessions. The first thing to start with is to explore how both of you are caught in Control Drama Triangle roles.


What else will contribute to a healthy relationship based on friendship?

  • Facing truth about your core beliefs.
  • Being specific about what you want to change in your relationship and committed to start right now.
  • Learning to conserve your energy for your emotional and physical health. (The skills of the diapraghmatic breathing, relaxation, self-hypnosis).
  • Exploring your childhood experiences that might have generated core beliefs: “I am not important”, “I am not worthy”, “I am not good enough”, “I do not deserve”.
  • Learning non-violent communication.
  • Knowing the emotional needs of your partner.
  • Using your physical, emotional, mental, educational, and ethical resources to restore friendship with your partner.

(When you choose this three-seesion program, email me to to order the information pack which contains a questionnaire that you need to complete and bring to your first session. This will help me to personalise your session.)

Weight Reduction Programme



Read carefully several times.

It might save your money for the voucher that could be wasted

if you are not ready to take responsibility for

your Weight Reduction Programme.

If you have obtained a discounted voucher for Weight Management, you can expect to see me twice.

First, you come to pick up my free CD “Healthier, Slimmer & Fitter”. (Weight management programme with Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist). You are supposed to listen to it for two weeks before you come to your 1.5 hour session.

You have visited my website and read about the benefits you get listening to the CD every night (visit webpage Hypnosis Store, where you can listen to the sample for two minutes). The CD helps you to start changing your eating habits. When you come to have a hypnotherapy session, you roughly know how much or how little you are committed to follow Weight reduction Programme. If you have consistently listened to the CD, you are bound to have more benefits and more success from the session. If you have listened to it only once or twice, it means that you have emotional blockages that prevent your intention to be healthier, slimmer and fitter. You may decide to use the voucher in order to work out these blockages first. (see my Free Ebook “Why do I worry?”).

The first time you see me for 10 minutes at our introductory meeting, I ask you to answer these questions:

  1. What is so valuable and important about reducing your weight that you are willing to eat and exercise properly and consistently for as long as it takes to obtain the results you desire?
  2. What experience do you associate to feeling healthier, fitter and slimmer?
  3. How many calories are there in one kilogram of fat and how much do you need to exercise to burn it?
  4. How much time are you ready to spend for your self care every day?

I ask you to bring your calculations about your weight reduction to the session.

Please, calculate how much extra weight you want to burn and how long it will take to achieve your realistic attainable goal, size and shape. (It took me 28 weeks of daily exercise in the gym, very wise selection of healthy food, drinking 2 litres of water a day and practicing breathing to get rid of 7 kg.) To burn 0.5 kgs every week is a realistic goal.

 1.5 Hour of Hypnotherapy session is spent in the following way:

During hypnotherapy session, I explain for 5 minutes how hypnotherapy, NLP and cognitive behavioral therapy changes your eating habits in several weeks and for ever, if you follow the Nine Golden Rules that I give you in written form.

(You can also read them on my Webpage Weight Reduction Programme).

Then I give you “My eating patterns” test. Filling in the test for 5 minutes and discussing the results for 25 minutes helps you realise what makes you overeat.

Using Cognitive Therapy, I help you to understand some distortions in thinking. Emotional needs that are not met compel you to overeat as a substitute to feel safe, loveable, protected, relaxed, and content. Behavioral therapy is the therapy to change some behavior patterns learning new techniques and tools.

You make your own plan: Behavior Assessment Plan – 5 minutes.

Then we discuss the Nine Golden Rules and your readiness to follow them to change your eating habits – 10 minutes.

I also teach you diaphragmatic breathing. This breathing technique can be used elsewhere: to curb your impulse to buy soft drinks or cakes, or to have an extra glass of wine, or to light a cigarette, etc. (Read more about breathing and about hormones in my Ebook “Why do I worry? The Anxiety Manual”).

Hypnotic Trance

Hypnosis makes it easier! I mean to say new desirable habits of eating, and drinking water and exercising are learned with hypnosis much easier and more effectively when you have a hypnotic trance that lasts 40 minutes and includes progressive muscle relaxation, positive visualizations, motivation and inspirational suggestions.

The purpose of Home Assignment

For the last 5 minutes I explain your home task which includes following Nine Golden Rules and a specific affirmation we elaborate together and you have to use it as a self suggestion ten times a day to start reframing you mind and forming new creative and positive attitudes towards food. Hypnosis is based on imagination and repetition. While repeating 10 times the Ritual, you are retraining your mind every day.

Your home assignment presupposes that you increase your self care time to one hour. You need 20 minutes to listen to the CD every day and thirty minutes to exercise which includes abdominal exercises at least for 2 minutes a day. You need to register your amount of food, water intake, exercising time and your success and self reward every day. With this purpose in view you are recommended to start your journal or you may buy my Weight Reduction Work Book on line.

Hypnosis is not a magic wand.

You create the results retraining your mind.

Most people who buy a voucher want to reduce their weight by 10 – 15 kgs. Some want 25 – 30 kgs. If you burn 0.5 kg of extra weight every week, you may know how many weeks you need. Are you able to religiously follow Nine Golden Rules without any support and any accountability? Very few people can.

A One off session with all the recommendations and techniques is forgotten in a couple of weeks. In order to form new eating habits, you need at least three months. It has been clinically researched that new neural pathways are established after three months. Hypnosis is based on imagination and repetition. You imagine yourself the size and shape you desire and you repeat these positive visualizations every day.

You need 3 months to form new neuronal connections and to establish new confident eating habits (eating slowly and consciously). Hypnotherapy is a rapid intervention, but it is not a magic wand.

When I give you Consent to Hypnotherapy Form to be signed, I emphasize so that I am responsible for motivation and the choice of the most appropriate strategies for you. You are responsible for the results you create. Are you feeling responsible for following the Nine Golden Rules?

Many people buy a voucher because they expect me to take responsibility to reduce their weight. It is your programme. I feel excited when my clients use the programme and get results.

It would be unethical of me to promise a loss of 10kg after one session. I offer a programme of five sessions with 30% discount. I discuss with you the purpose of each session.

The therapeutic relationship is an important factor of success. You get inspiring results if you trust me and believe in your success. The results are not only a number of kilograms, but feeling more confident and content, and also being motivated to avoid obesity related illnesses like respiratory issues, digestive conditions, arthritis, etc.


Positive regards from Tatiana

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Anxiety Specialist

MA in Education


Easy Way to Reduce or Stop Smoking

Easy way to Reduce or Stop Smoking

Yes, Hypnosis makes it easier. I ask my clients who have bought a voucher to see me twice. First, you come to pick up the CD “I am a non-smoker” (Quit smoking and be proud of yourself). You will complete “Confidential Client Health History Form” and I will also ask you to read the book by Allen Carr “The easy way to stop smoking” before you come for the session.

I expect you to listen to the CD for two weeks. Listening to the CD is like having a mini hypnotherapy session. New neural pathways start being created in your brain, but it takes twelve weeks to establish new habits. It is recommended to continue to listen after the session to reinforce the results.

Please, come to the session only after consistently listening for two weeks. This sustained effort will make clear how seriously you are committed to the idea of quitting. The other proof of your commitment is to throw away all paraphernalia related to smoking: wash the car, wash your clothes. The smell is provocative, and getting rid of the tobacco smell in your home is a step to success. Incidentally, I advise you to celebrate the day of the session with somebody who supports you in your endeavour. You have to be proud of your decision to stop smoking.

My hypnotherapy is client centered. I can take you only as far as you are ready to go. I am responsible to motivate you and to give you the best strategies. You are responsible for the results you create. It is your choice to reduce or to quit.

The universal statistics show that only 25% of people are ready to quit after the first session. All clients definitely reduce smoking but they might need more sessions. Why do many people need more than one session? There are some emotional blockages that provoke people to continue smoking. And your therapist needs to release them. “Parts Therapy” session and “Inner Child Therapy” sessions are used in this case. 65% stop after 4 – 5 sessions.

While reading Allan Carr’s book, please think of the answers.

  1. Why do I need it?
  2. Do I actually enjoy it?
  3. Do I need to go through life paying through the nose just to stick these things into my mouth and suffocate myself?
  4. If I could ho back to the time when I became hooked, with all the knowledge I have now, would I start again?
  5. Do you know that the nicotine is the fastest addicted drug, but it rapidly leaves the body, that’s why you need twenty a day?

  Check your reasons for Smoking

Please indicate how strongly you agree with each reason.

10 – very strong

1 – very weak

  1. To cope with nervousness and anxiety.
  2.  To cope with anger and frustration.
  3.  To cope with feelings of powerlessness.
  4.  Rebellion.
  5.  To establish independence.
  6.  As a social facilitator.
  7.  To give yourself an excuse to break, to relax.
  8.  To cope with loneliness.
  9.  To cope with boredom.
  10.  Fear not to able to survive some stress and depravation.
  11.  Any other reasons?

The number will help you to be aware how seriously you are ready to reduce or quit.

Please, copy my CD for your further use and return my original one at the first session.

You are welcome to call me on 386 1717 to ask questions.

Positive regards,


Exam Confidence

Exam Confidence


The techniques used during hypnotherapy sessions are designed to boost your brainpower. You need probably 3 – 4 sessions to improve your memory, creativity, clarity, and effectiveness while sitting exams.


The knowledge of the material is, of course, important. But the success of the exam depends up to 40% – 50% on resourceful state and implementation of an effective strategy. The same rule concerns public speaking or other occasions you have to demonstrate your mental capacities and great flexibility in thinking.


Stress is the number one enemy of learning. Hypnotherapy sessions will help you to cope with stress and remain calm in a challenging situation. You will learn the art of relaxation and the skills of creating successful imagery and positive suggestions.


We are all born as natural learners. Because of parental upbringing and the methods of schooling, we sometimes fail to learn new things. Lack of belief in our creativity and lack of knowledge of effective strategies, make us feel as failures. We give up too soon. Motivation for learning is a prerequisite to success. Rate your motivation on a scale from 1 to 10.


1 – The weakest, 10 – the strongest.


Where are you now?

If you are hardly in the middle, your therapist will help you to develop your motivation. My responsibility is to increase your motivation, to select the most appropriate strategies and monitor your accountability. Your responsibility is to   regularly practice new exercises and skills.


We all have creative abilities. You will learn to harness your creative force. You will learn self-hypnosis, some NLP and life coaching exercises:

  • to remove emotional blocks.
  • to be in a resourceful state.
  • to plan your studies and performance.
  • to model your excellence and boost your creativity.


Being free from stress, anxiety and fears is a wonderful feeling.

Freedom to control most challenging situations in your life is your freedom for ever.




Sleep Disturbances

The reason why you have disturbed and interrupted sleep lies in the subconscious. Excessive stress or anxiety or mild depression aggravate the problem. Poor sleep deepens the depression, etc. Do you believe it is possible to break the vicious cycle? Yes! You achieve this by combining several hypnotherapy sessions with practicing self-hypnosis. Before I explain why hypnotherapy is effective for poor sleep, I would like to give some facts and recommendations researched by sleep specialists.


In the pre-industrial world, people slept ten hours a night. Everything changed when Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb. Our biological clock is now out of balance. About 50% of people living in English speaking countries are sleep-deprived. Parents with new babies lack 400 – 700 hours of sleep. Sleep depravations is very debilitating. You feel tired, irritable and touchy. A number if illnesses and ailments can develop because of sleep deprivation: heart and colon problems, migraines, high blood pressure, skin problems. You may choose to make some improvements in your bedroom in order to increase your restorative sleep.



As a NZ Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner and a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip. NCH), I am responsible to motivate you to achieve your goals. I am also responsible for selecting the most appropriate strategies in Hypnotheraphy and NLP, teaching you self help tools.

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