At the NZ Federation hypnotherapy conference she was awarded NZ Master Practitioner 2012 in recognition of achieving excellence in the field of clinical and applied hypnosis and a valuable contribution to the New Zealand Hypnotherapy Profession. Read more on the about us page

Welcome to Christchurch Hypnotherapy

at Opti-Health Clinic!

Hypnotherapy is a unique natural relaxing therapy
that can assist you to get rid of unwanted habits,
and at the same time focus on your strengths,
feel healthier, more confident and happier
than you have, probably, felt before.

Secrets of Hypnosis:

  • Nobody can hypnotise you against your will. 
  • Hypnotherapy is a natural relaxing therapy. 
  • When you are relaxed, your analytical self-criticising mind is having a rest. Your subconscious absorbs positive visualisations and inspirational affirmations your Hypnotherapist is suggestions. (click Hypnotherapy programmes to learn more how it works for your benefit).

We practise client-centred and goal-directed hypnotherapy which helps easily and quickly. It brings about long lasting effects. We often combine in the same programme, hypnosis and NLP. NLP is a field in positive psychology. You start modelling successful people who have achieved excellence in personal development, pubic affairs, business, performing arts, sports, etc.

Hypnotherapy can assist you with many problematic issues including:

  • Fears, phobias and addictions.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Pain relief (Pre-menstrual syndrome, IBS, etc).
  • Unwanted habits: overeating, nail biting, teeth grinding, excessive worrying.

My responsibilities:

As a professional hypnotherapy and NLP practitioner, I am responsible for:
  • To make your sessions pleasantly relaxing and effective regarding the changes you make in your behaviour.
  • To abide by Code of Ethics in Hypnotherapy.
  • To employ the best strategies for your ultimate good.
  • To motivate you to use the self-help tools between hypnotherapy sessions.

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